An update/prologue, in which I experience an all-too-familiar string of bad luck

It’s been a while since I’ve written, and that’s because there has been a LOT going on. And my computer broke.

But the good news is that my computer is now fixed (1), AND I have a three part post coming up this month! Before I get into it, let me get you all up to speed…

I left Nepal at the end of April, and traveled through the north of Thailand for the majority of the next month. At the end of May, I headed south to Koh Phanang for the world famous Full Moon Party.


Full Moon was a blast, but things got pretty wild. My friend Sally lost her phone, and I lost my keys and some money (probably when I insisted on getting into the ocean). I got separated from my friends somewhere near the end as the sun rose over a cloudy beach, and I was still broke. In fact, if I hadn’t run into my lovely friend Patty, who was kind enough to loan me 100 bhat (2), I’m not entirely sure how I would have gotten back to the hostel that morning.  


So after five pretty crazy days, Sally and I were both ready to move on to somewhere a little more relaxed. 

We’d hoped our luck would change on a new island, but things seemed to get steadily worse. First it was small things. I realized I had left my favorite shoes on Koh Phanang. She had to figure out registration for Uni, but had trouble getting her passwords without her stolen phone. I left my takeaway at a restaurant, she couldn’t play any music from her new phone. Small things. 

And then things took a nose dive. I was battling food poisoning when my computer crashed, and Sally fell off of her motorbike and wound up at the hospital.


Everything was a mess, but we tried to maintain good spirits, and would often find ourselves laughing at the absurdity of the situation from our tiny one-person huts.

We eventually moved on to Koh Samui, another island, still hoping our luck would change, but weird things kept happening–Sally’s toothbrush snapped in half, we almost had our passports stolen (or I guess they just forgot to give them back in the hostel), our room was full of rowdy, smelly boys, and our plans to meet up with friends during their visa run was thwarted when it turned out to be almost an hour away, making us miss the meet up completely after two expensive cabs. Sally, listening to her inner voice, decided to check out another island while I stayed put to get myself sorted.

Alone and wandering aimlessly, I decided I needed to listen to my inner voice too, and it was telling me to do something drastic to change my luck. At 3:30, I made the spontaneous decision to take a 45 minute ferry to get my shoes back from Koh Phanang. Time to return to the source and change my luck back (3).


Except, oh wait. I seemed to have forgotten that that week, I was the embodiment of Murphy’s Law. The ferry I booked took me to a different pier than I thought it would, 30 minutes away from my destination as opposed to 10, and the longer drive in either direction caused me to miss the 5:30 ferry I’d pre-booked back. Which also happened to be the last ferry of the evening. I was now literally stranded on Koh Phanang, with my laptop, backpack, and passport an entire island away. 

Here’s the thing though: something had been calling me back to Koh Phanang. I’d had a feeling I needed to return, and I followed my intuition. Back at Nomad House, the hostel I’d stayed in for Full Moon where a few of my friends were now helping out, I burst into tears at the sheer ridiculousness of the past few days. The managers must have felt bad, because they told me they knew a guy who could fix my computer. Huzzah! I booked myself in for the night, with the promise to return tomorrow with all of my things.

In the morning, things actually went smoothly. The ferry company honored my ticket from the night before, and I was pleasantly surprised that the laddies Sally and I had been so annoyed with had left my things completely untouched on Koh Samui.

Back on Koh Phanang, I passed off my computer to my friend Nelly, who assured me that all would be taken care of. I got to have a few days of relaxation and fun with friends while I waited things out. 


Finally feeling settled, and like my luck was changing, I was now ready to mentally prepare for the 10 day Vipassana retreat I had been planning on attending for the last two months. My computer wasn’t going to be done for a few days, so I said goodbye to Koh Phanang with the promise of returning. 

I sat on my fifth ferry in three days ready for my next adventure… but that’s a story for next week. 

1. A HUGE shoutout to Nelly and Teddy at The Nomad House on Koh Phanang. Without you guys, I would have had to go home immediately. Thank you so much for all of your help. 
2. Patty, you’re a star. Thank you again so much–I will pay you back one day!! 
3. I’m still pretty smiley in this photo–things took a much darker turn when I realized we were at the wrong pier.