Rhetoric Nerd Question

Can we talk about Donald Trump's recent usage of the word "surety?" When I watched the video clip, it didn't sound like a word I had ever heard of used in that context. The word, I was certain, was certainty. But I didn't want to contribute to Mr. President's "unfair treatment (1)" and, as an English nerd, I'm genuinely curious, so I googled it.

Google definitions is "the state of being sure or certain of something," but I've really never heard anyone use it colloquially. Is it an archaic word? Is it prevalent within a culture of society I have not encountered? I read a lot, but I'm not assuming to be all knowing.

Or was that the point of using it as President? Were his speech writers thinking... "Donald Trump is going to use this, people are going to think its wrong, and then it isn't, so there is nothing to critique him on?" Clever from a Rhetorical Standpoint, if so. 🤔


1. Ahem