3. Never underestimate the power of consistency.

I stole this from my friend Amitai. Amitai is my ex-orientation student from UCLA and also a pretty smart fella. 

He tweeted this once, and I never forgot the sentiment. But I didn’t fully understand it until recently.

I have been doing yoga for the past four years. Amitai and I even did a class together way back when, during my senior year of college. My roommate Anja and I would go to Core Power on monthly passes. I bought the Yoga Studio app ages ago, when my friend Joey suggested it in October of 2013. I’ve done yoga on and off for the past several years.

In July of 2016 while I lived in Indonesia, I did 30 days straight of yoga, in which I was doing mostly beginners’ half hour classes. I then proceeded to take the next three months off, as I traveled through Thailand and Vietnam. When I finally settled for more than three days at a time (and I was no longer working in a party hostel on one of the craziest party islands in the country), I committed to doing yoga every day. In the first month, I moved up from beginner to intermediate, and then from half hour to hour classes. 

Through the sheer act of hitting the mat every single day--regardless of what else I have going on, or if I’m tired, sick, or hungover--I have seen more progress in months than I had in years. I make time each day to practice. Sometimes I only make it for a half hour, or even fifteen minutes. Sometimes I get in two classes a day. The point is, I have a goal, and I take steps towards it regularly.

And you know what? In November, after three years of practice, I moved into my first ever half shoulder stand. Now, as I continue with my consistent practice, I can not only move into a supported shoulder stand, but plow, side plank, and pyramid as well, with relative ease. My longest yoga streak to date is 60 days in a row, and I am continually pleased with my progress. 

As per usual, feel free to take this concept and extrapolate past my anecdote. If there is something you're passionate about--art, sports, politics, human rights--the act of doing something about it every day will help you achieve your goals.